No Work

Is the work a form of prostitution?

Selling your sex organ is no different than selling any other part of your body.

The end of work is near

How can humans thrive in a society with AI

How to finance the Universal Basic Income?

The problems of fincancing the UBI and the paradist solutions

In paradism there will be no schools

We don't want our children to learn any kind of work. Tomorrow all the work will be done by machines. We will all be playing.

First Humanoid Robot Lands Job At Department Store

It's just getting started. The race is now on and no jobs will be spared.

Humans Need Not Apply

Smart machines are outcompeting human beings for jobs...all the jobs.

Technology is making people jobless and broke

The key step Paradism will make towards the creation of a society without work and money

The real issue the media do not speak about

The solution is very simple. And there aren't 50 of them.

Droids are taking our jobs and we have seen nothing yet!

In this TED conference Andrew McAfee speaks about the arrival of smart technologies that are taking over our jobs. It will be much faster than you imagine.
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