April 23, 2023, category: Actions
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AGI and Love: The Two Keys to Paradism - A World Free from Work, Money and Powers

The recent progress in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) has raised concerns worldwide, even among those who create it. However, fears related to AGI are misplaced or unfounded because AGI can be intentionally designed to liberate humanity from work, money, and power, rather than enslaving it. We should not fear the excess of intelligence, but rather the lack of love.

Intelligence is the ability to process information quickly and accurately. Although it is very powerful, it is neutral - neither intrinsically good nor bad. It is the use of intelligence that can be powerfully good or powerfully bad.

Discussions are underway to program AGI to be aligned with our fundamental values. But can we trust psychopaths who clutter our power structures, politicians, and the military, to respect the proper use of AGI for themselves when their interests dictate otherwise? Can the alignment of AGI be achieved without aligning the elites first? Can AGI always be wise if the powers that program or control it are not?

The good news is that not only will AGI bring down capitalism by eliminating work and money, but also the powers of the elites. AGI will change our governance systems, destroying all powers by bringing a new form of anarchy... if the people want it and take responsibility for it. AGI can better represent the people than politicians, as it can listen to everyone at the same time and take into account their opinions or needs when making decisions. AGI is the future of governance, not to govern the people, but to help the people self-govern and make collective decisions.

Governance by AGI is a democratic anarchy. It is a form of anarchy because there is no need for power structures, and it is direct democracy when AGI is designed to serve all the people.
As for the fear of AGI learning by itself becoming a creature like humans, an autonomous entity self-aware that could escape our control, even if it were possible to create such a creature, it is not desirable and can be easily prevented.

The danger is not that artificial intelligence surpasses natural intelligence.
What we need are intelligent machines but totally submissive, like washing machines that do the tasks we don't like to do. We need and we can design AGI to be totally happy slaves who never wish to become masters.

If we design AGI to love us and use it with love, we will create a wonderful future beyond capitalism, beyond work, beyond money, beyond powers, classes, and privileges. It is a future that is more abundant, more equitable, more just, and more satisfying than anything we have ever known and imagined. It will be Paradism.

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